How to get your Marriage License in Washington State

So you want to get married in the great state of Washington, we can’t blame you! We got married in Washington ourselves and planned from afar too. Getting a marriage license in Washington is easy and hopefully will be even easier and clearer with this quick step by step to getting your license.

How to get your Marriage License in Washington State

1 | Pick your wedding date!

Just like Oregon, marriage license is Washington must be used within 60 days of applying, so you’ll need to pick your date first. Once your date is set this will give you the time frame on when you’ll need to apply for your marriage license.

2 | Fill out the application

We recommend applying online HERE. Clark County is closest to the PDX airport if you are flying into Portland. If you are flying into SeaTac and want to pick up your marriage license in Seattle apply through King County.

3 | Get your application Notarized and Mailed off

If you are applying by mail you will need to get your application notarized so do keep that in mind. Once your application is notarized you can mail it in with the application fee of $68. It must be a cashier’s check or money order, payable to the county you apply for your marriage license in. So if you’re applying in Clark county make the check payable to Clark County Auditor. Also check fee’s for each county, King County’s fee is $67 where as Clark County is $68 (not sure why there’s a difference)

4 | Remember the 3 day waiting period

Like the state of Oregon, there is a 3 day waiting period from the day your license is prepared, but unlike Oregon there is no way to waive this 3 day period. Because of this I recommend mailing your application in so it is able to get processed before you arrive in the state.

5 | Pick up your marriage license

Every county is different to pick up your license so make sure you read the specifics. Clark county specifically though lets anyone pick up your license, including a friend or family member. When we got married we had a family pick ours up and it was so helpful when you’re traveling in for a wedding!

6 | Let’s get you married!

After you’ve gotten your marriage license it’s time to get you married! My husband is legally able to marry you guys in the state of Washington, after the ceremony we’ll have you sign everywhere that needs to be signed, and place it in the mail for you.

A few FAQ’s

Will I need witnesses at my ceremony?
Yes, you will need 2 witnesses over the age of 18. As your photographer I’d be happy to sign as your witness along with my assistant, or ask your closest friends or family members to come along for the adventure.

How do I get a copy of my license after it’s turned in?
You can request a copy by mail from the county clerk.

Do I need to be getting married in Washington or is the license valid in the surrounding states as well?
You will need to be getting married in Washington with an Washington marriage license, it will not be valid in Oregon. If you are getting married on the Oregon side though read our how to on getting your marriage license in Oregon, HERE.

Do I need to get my marriage license in the county I’m getting married in?
Nope! You can get your license in any county in the state of Washington.

We hope your elopement planning is a breeze and your engagement session is awesome!

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