6 Months Destination Elopement Checklist

Eloping doesn’t mean quite the same as it used too. We are long past the days of secretly running off to the courthouse to get married, but are now embracing planned out adventure weddings in beautiful locations across the country. Though the planning process is not nearly as intensive as it would be for a full wedding, there are still some details you don’t want to overlook.

We put together a 6 month checklist of everything you may need to plan your dream destination elopement! You can download the printable checklist HERE so you can stay on top of all the details and kick stress in the butt.

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6 month elopement planning Checklist

6 Months Out

Start with the basics: create a budget, a date, and a list of dream location you’d like to get married at. We encourage brides to to pick their top three locations and then do some research. Some places will have different restrictions on locations you can or cannot elope at. This is especially important if you’re interested in eloping at a National Park.

This is also a great time to hire your photographer and start dress shopping if you plan on shopping at a more tradition dress shop.


5 Months Out

Once you have your basics figured out it’s time to get all your accommodations booked! Booking flights, rental cars, and deciding on either an Hotel or Airbnb. (Get $40 off your first stay HERE)

We also encourage you to book your vendors at this time if you plan on working with a florist, renting a tux, etc.


4 Months Out

Depending on what state you’re getting married in you may need to ask a witness to be present. You can talk with your photographer or ask a close friend or family member about being a possible witness.


6 month elopement planning Checklist 6 month elopement planning Checklist

3 Months Out

Only 3 months away from your big wedding day and it’s time to move on to the smaller details. Things like shoes, a veil, or jewelry can be decided at this point. Finalize the grooms attire and remember to purchase any gifts for your future spouse around this time.


2 Months Out

Two months out is typically the perfect time to apply for your marriage license. Every state is different so make sure to do your research. You can also check out our blog posts for details on how to get your marriage license in Oregon and Washington.


1 Month Out

Only one month away! It’s time to confirm details with your vendors, create your wedding day timeline, and start writing your vows.


6 month elopement planning Checklist 6 month elopement planning Checklist


2 to 1 Week out

It’s time to start packing for your wedding! We put together a bonus packing list when you download your elopement checklist so you don’t miss anything!


Once you Arrive!

You’ll want to pickup your marriage license, buy any food you may need for your time there and just relax! It’s your best day ever so it’s time to party!


We hope your elopement planning comes as a breeze, and remember to download our free printable to help keep track of all your planning!

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6 month destination elopement checklist 6 month destination elopement checklist 6 month destination elopement checklist 6 month destination elopement checklist

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