We exist to capture your story and help you every step of the way so you can start your marriage off strong!

Hey Friends!

We're Amanda and Chuck, a goof ball couple ready to help you get married.

After planning our own wedding we realized just how stressful it really could be, and wanted to give couples a chance to celebrate without all that extra planning that goes into a big wedding day. Blending our love for the outdoors and weddings, Elope Northwest was born!

You can find us sipping coffee or tea cozied up at home, finding sweet hiking spots around the area, or explore our amazing city. 

Finding awesome coffee shops

Chasing waterfalls

The sounds and smells of paris

Spending hours thrifting

Blackberry picking


I'm Amanda

Hey there, I'm Amanda. I'm an introvert with a drive to create beautiful images that you can look back on for years to come. I love spending one on one time with people, getting to know their story and sipping coffee together, 

I love personality tests and learning more about myself and others. I'm an INFJ and a 4 on the enneagram for any curious folks out there. I'm quiet at first, but the longer you've known me you'll find out that I'm actually a big weirdo inside. 

star wars. duh

discovering native plants and uses for them

board games

karaoke nights

Lord of the rings

his FAVS

I'm Chuck

Hey there, I’m Chuck. I am an extrovert and once I get started talking I could chat with you for days. I love spending time with people over a drink and a board game, maybe throw in a pun of two.

Being your officiant is a huge honor! I promise to laugh with you and even maybe cry with you, and help you celebrate your best day ever.

When I'm not helping you get married I love books and reading. I enjoy my quiet time but also just hanging out with friends outside in Oregon. You can find me camping with my wife, rock climbing, and sitting on an inner tube floating down the river. Just like my wife, I’m a pretty big weirdo too.

Let's connect! Did you know some of my closest friends and I met on Instagram? I think that could be us next.